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Friday, 3 October 2014

Video học hướng dẫn viết phần mềm và ứng dụng cho iPhone,iPad

Video học hướng dẫn viết phần mềm và ứng dụng cho iPhone,iPad

Danh sách bài học:

  1. 0101.What You Will Learn.mp4
  2. 0102.An Overview Of The Development Cycle.mp4
  3. 0103.The SDK With Xcode.mp4
  4. 0104.Introducing The Sample Applications.mp4
  5. 0201.What Makes An iPhone App Great.mp4
  6. 0202.Exploiting The iPhone's Features.mp4
  7. 0203.Embracing The iPhone's Limitations.mp4
  8. 0204.Why Develop iPhone Applications.mp4
  9. 0301.What Makes An iPad App Great.mp4
  10. 0302.Exploiting The iPads Features.mp4
  11. 0303.Embracing The iPad's Limitations.mp4
  12. 0304.Why Develop iPad Applications.mp4
  13. 0305.Developing Apps For Both iPhone And iPad.mp4
  14. 0401.Creating A Compelling User Experience.mp4
  15. 0402.Apples Suggestions For Developing iOS Apps.mp4
  16. 0403.Avoiding Practices that Get Apps Rejected.mp4
  17. 0501.Joining The Developer Program.mp4
  18. 0502.Using Resources In The Dev Center.mp4
  19. 0503.Downloading The SDK.mp4
  20. 0601.Exploring An Xcode Project.mp4
  21. 0602.Using The Xcode Text Editor.mp4
  22. 0603.Accessing Documentation.mp4
  23. 0604.Customizing Xcode.mp4
  24. 0701.Running Your App In The Simulator.mp4
  25. 0702.Interacting With Simulated Hardware.mp4
  26. 0703.Uninstalling Apps And Resetting The Simulator.mp4
  27. 0704.Simulator Limitations.mp4
  28. 0801.Starting With The Utility Application Template.mp4
  29. 0802.The App Life Cycle.mp4
  30. 0803.Event And Interruption Processing.mp4
  31. 0804.Termination And Memory Management.mp4
  32. 0901.Introducing Objects And Classes.mp4
  33. 0902.Using Header And Implementation Files.mp4
  34. 0903.Allocating Objects.mp4
  35. 0904.Working With Declared Properties.mp4
  36. 0905.Using Frameworks And Design Patterns.mp4
  37. 1001.Looking At Interface Builder.mp4
  38. 1002.Inspecting The Main View.mp4
  39. 1003.Inspecting The Flipside View.mp4
  40. 1004.Unraveling The Info And Done Buttons.mp4
  41. 1101.Working With Windows And Views.mp4
  42. 1102.Adding Your Own Application's Behavior.mp4
  43. 1103.Where Does Your Code Go.mp4
  44. 1201.Putting iAds In Your App.mp4
  45. 1202.Creating An Animated View With An iAd Banner.mp4
  46. 1203.Controlling The iAd Banner View.mp4
  47. 1301.Setting A Timer.mp4
  48. 1302.Connecting A Timer For The Animation.mp4
  49. 1303.The Block Object Design Pattern.mp4
  50. 1304.Finishing And Testing The Main View.mp4
  51. 1401.Setting Up User Preferences.mp4
  52. 1402.Using The Notification System.mp4
  53. 1403.Using Property Lists.mp4
  54. 1501.Adding Property Declarations And Synthesize Statements.mp4
  55. 1502.Setting Up Preferences In The Flipside View.mp4
  56. 1503.Adding Methods For The Interface Objects.mp4
  57. 1504.Using The Settings In The Main View.mp4
  58. 1601.How Gestures Work.mp4
  59. 1602.Adding A Pinch Gesture.mp4
  60. 1603.Connecting The Interface Objects In Interface Builder.mp4
  61. 1604.Testing The MyWorld iPhone App.mp4
  62. 1701.Creating A Second View.mp4
  63. 1702.How A Scrolling View Works.mp4
  64. 1703.Adding A View And A Nib.mp4
  65. 1704.Initializing View Controllers.mp4
  66. 1705.Managing Background And Memory.mp4
  67. 1801.Using Objects From The Main View.mp4
  68. 1802.Animating The Photo View.mp4
  69. 1803.Accessing Media On The iPhone.mp4
  70. 1804.Modifying The Window Nib For Scrolling.mp4
  71. 1805.Testing The Complete iPhone App.mp4
  72. 1901.Starting An iPad App.mp4
  73. 1902.Inspecting The View.mp4
  74. 1903.Adding An Image To The View.mp4
  75. 1904.Adding An Info Button.mp4
  76. 2001.An iPad App Odyssey.mp4
  77. 2002.Setting Up The Animated View.mp4
  78. 2003.Marking Out Methods.mp4
  79. 2101.Drawing The View.mp4
  80. 2102.Freeing Up memory.mp4
  81. 2103.Testing The View.mp4
  82. 2201.Preparing For User Settings.mp4
  83. 2202.Setting Up User Preference Settings.mp4
  84. 2203.Setting Up A Modal View.mp4
  85. 2301.Adding Outlets To The View Controller.mp4
  86. 2302.Adding Methods For The Interface Objects.mp4
  87. 2303.Initializing And Setting The Modal View Style.mp4
  88. 2304.Saving The Preference Settings.mp4
  89. 2401.Adding The Interface Objects.mp4
  90. 2402.Connecting The Interface Objects.mp4
  91. 2403.Connecting The Info Button.mp4
  92. 2404.Testing The New Modal View.mp4
  93. 2501.Understanding iPad Gestures.mp4
  94. 2502.Adding Tap And Swipe Recognizers.mp4
  95. 2503.Testing Gestures In The iPad app.mp4
  96. 2504.Making A Universal App.mp4
  97. 2505.Testing The iPhoneiPad Universal App.mp4
  98. 2601.Fixing Bugs And Issues.mp4
  99. 2602.Using The Static Analyzer.mp4
  100. 2603.Adding Application Icons And Launch Images.mp4
  101. 2604.Building Your App For Distribution.mp4
  102. 2605.Managing Your Apps In The App Store.mp4
  103. 2701.About Myself.mp4
  104. 2702.Why I Develop iPhone And iPad Apps.mp4
  105. 2703.Where To Go From Here.mp4
  106. Working-Files.rar

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Video học hướng dẫn viết phần mềm và ứng dụng cho iPhone,iPad Reviewed by Phùng Hữu Long on 13:53:00 Rating: 5 Video học hướng dẫn viết phần mềm và ứng dụng cho iPhone,iPad Danh sách bài học: 0101.What You Will Learn.mp4 0102.An Overview Of T...

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