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Thursday, 23 July 2015

300 ca khúc nhạc quốc tế hay nhất mọi thời đại - Theo bình chọn của ABC News

300 ca khúc nhạc quốc tế hay nhất mọi thời đại - Theo bình chọn của ABC News

November Rain.m4a 16.89 MB
We Are the World.m4a 13.76 MB
Farewell.m4a 12.69 MB
Hotel California.m4a 12.68 MB
Everything I Do - I Do It for You.m4a 12.31 MB
Still Loving You.m4a 12.22 MB
Down to Earth.m4a 11.99 MB
You are not alone.m4a 11.72 MB
A New Day Has Come.m4a 11.33 MB
Always.m4a 11.15 MB
Making Love Out of Nothing At All.m4a 11.12 MB
Graduation (Friends Forever).m4a 11.04 MB
Into the West (From Lord's the Ring).m4a 11.02 MB
The Power Of Love.m4a 10.78 MB
Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This).m4a 10.58 MB
Stranger In Moscow.m4a 10.46 MB
Another Day In Paradise.m4a 10.37 MB
Good Enough.m4a 10.26 MB
On the Wing.m4a 10.13 MB
From Sarah With Love.m4a 10.08 MB
Careless Whisper.m4a 9.97 MB
Earth Song (Radio Edit).m4a 9.92 MB
Back to December.m4a 9.87 MB
Time for Miracles.m4a 9.84 MB
I Don_t Want to Miss a Thing.m4a 9.71 MB
Billie Jean (Single Version).m4a 9.67 MB
You Raise Me Up.m4a 9.63 MB
The Only Exception.m4a 9.56 MB
4 In the Morning.m4a 9.50 MB
Almost Home (Bonus Track).m4a 9.49 MB
Hold On.m4a 9.43 MB
Under A Violet Moon.m4a 9.41 MB
It's Not Good-Bye.m4a 9.40 MB
Circle the Drain.m4a 9.39 MB
Early Winter.m4a 9.38 MB
Someone Like You.m4a 9.35 MB
My Immortal (Band Version).m4a 9.30 MB
Shadow of the Day.m4a 9.29 MB
Pretty Boy.m4a 9.24 MB
Love The Way You Lie.m4a 9.18 MB
My Heart Will Go On.m4a 9.11 MB
No Matter What.m4a 9.09 MB
The Cup of Life (La Copa de la Vi.m4a 9.07 MB
My Funny Friend and Me.m4a 9.02 MB
Paradise.m4a 8.99 MB
Livin' la Vida Loca.m4a 8.99 MB
Heal the World (7_ Edit).m4a 8.97 MB
Wake Me Up When September Ends.m4a 8.97 MB
When You Believe.m4a 8.93 MB
Un-Break My Heart.m4a 8.92 MB
Everytime.m4a 8.92 MB
Jet Airliner (Radio Version).m4a 8.88 MB
Why Is Love So Hard to Find_.m4a 8.84 MB
Right Here Waiting.m4a 8.82 MB
1973.m4a 8.82 MB
When You Say Nothing At All.m4a 8.79 MB
Truly Madly Deeply.m4a 8.78 MB
How Do I Live.m4a 8.77 MB
Who Am I Living For_.m4a 8.73 MB
The Dream Within.m4a 8.72 MB
Unusual You.m4a 8.61 MB
Remember When.m4a 8.61 MB
One for Sorrow.m4a 8.58 MB
New Divide.m4a 8.58 MB
Nothing Compares 2 U.m4a 8.57 MB
Burning In the Skies.m4a 8.54 MB
Angel.m4a 8.53 MB
Why.m4a 8.52 MB
My December.m4a 8.52 MB
Goodbye (Single Edit).m4a 8.51 MB
You'll Be In My Heart.m4a 8.41 MB
Pearl.m4a 8.39 MB
Colors of the Wind - End Title.m4a 8.38 MB
Hi and goodbye.m4a 8.38 MB
When I Look At You.m4a 8.36 MB
I Wanna Be With You.m4a 8.35 MB
Haven't Met You Yet.m4a 8.31 MB
I Just Can't Stop Loving You (feat. Siedah Garrett).m4a 8.31 MB
If We Hold On Together.m4a 8.27 MB
Our Town.m4a 8.27 MB
Viva Forever (Radio Edit).m4a 8.27 MB
Happy New Year.m4a 8.26 MB
Hello.m4a 8.26 MB
All the right moves.m4a 8.23 MB
Bring Me to Life.m4a 8.23 MB
Last Christmas (Single Version).m4a 8.22 MB
Seasons In the Sun.m4a 8.22 MB
Swear It Again (Radio Edit).m4a 8.18 MB
Believe.m4a 8.18 MB
I never told you.m4a 8.18 MB
Genie In a Bottle.m4a 8.17 MB
25 Minutes.m4a 8.17 MB
I'll Be There.m4a 8.16 MB
Set Fire to the Rain.m4a 8.16 MB
Glamorous.m4a 8.13 MB
Wild At Heart.m4a 8.11 MB
Written In the Stars.m4a 8.10 MB
Dancing Queen.m4a 8.09 MB
While Your Lips Are Still Red.m4a 8.09 MB
Words (Radio Edit).m4a 8.08 MB
My happy ending.m4a 8.07 MB
Every Little Thing You Do.m4a 8.06 MB
Not Like the Movies.m4a 8.06 MB
A Whole New World.m4a 8.05 MB
Say You, Say Me.m4a 8.05 MB
Happy.m4a 8.05 MB
Love To Be Loved By You.m4a 8.04 MB
All By Myself.m4a 8.04 MB
You're My Heart, You're My Soul.m4a 8.02 MB
Firework.m4a 8.02 MB
Yesterday Once More.m4a 8.02 MB
Beauty and the Beast.m4a 8.01 MB
2 Become 1 (Single Version).m4a 7.99 MB
Goodbye.m4a 7.97 MB
You Can Win If You Want (Specia.m4a 7.97 MB
Vanilla Twilight.m4a 7.96 MB
Never Had a Dream Come True.m4a 7.95 MB
I Won't Last a Day Without You.m4a 7.95 MB
Goodbye to Love.m4a 7.95 MB
Animal.m4a 7.94 MB
Happy Boys & Girls.m4a 7.94 MB
Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.).m4a 7.93 MB
Hello Again.m4a 7.93 MB
It Is You (I Have Loved).m4a 7.93 MB
When you-re gone.m4a 7.93 MB
Can You Feel the Love Tonight.m4a 7.92 MB
I Believed.m4a 7.92 MB
Whataya Want From Me.m4a 7.91 MB
Bad Day.m4a 7.91 MB
Realize.m4a 7.90 MB
Waiting for the End.m4a 7.90 MB
Goodbye My Lover.m4a 7.89 MB
Wishing On a Star.m4a 7.88 MB
I Knew I Loved You.m4a 7.88 MB
California Gurls (feat. Snoop Dog.m4a 7.88 MB
I Need to Be in Love.m4a 7.87 MB
Need You Now.m4a 7.86 MB
That's Why (You Go Away).m4a 7.84 MB
Lady.m4a 7.84 MB
You belong with me.m4a 7.82 MB
Thank You.m4a 7.81 MB
The One That Got Away.m4a 7.81 MB
My All.m4a 7.80 MB
Atlantis Is Calling (S.O.S. for.m4a 7.80 MB
Take Me to Your Heart.m4a 7.79 MB
Hungover.m4a 7.78 MB
Only Yesterday.m4a 7.77 MB
Lollipop (Candyman).m4a 7.75 MB
There_s a Place for Us.m4a 7.75 MB
Us Against the World.m4a 7.75 MB
Innocence.m4a 7.74 MB
Woman In Love.m4a 7.72 MB
Twist of Fate (Alternative Versio.m4a 7.72 MB
If I Had You.m4a 7.72 MB
Fool Again (2000 Remix).m4a 7.70 MB
Note to God.m4a 7.70 MB
Fireflies.m4a 7.69 MB
Just Dance.m4a 7.68 MB
Teenage Dream.m4a 7.67 MB
The House That Built Me.m4a 7.67 MB
Unchained Melody.m4a 7.65 MB
Love Is All Around.m4a 7.62 MB
C U next Tuesday.m4a 7.62 MB
Oops!... I Did It Again.m4a 7.62 MB
Without You.m4a 7.61 MB
No Promises.m4a 7.60 MB
Cheri Cheri Lady.m4a 7.59 MB
Get Outta My Way.m4a 7.59 MB
Free Loop.m4a 7.58 MB
Sorry Seems to Be the Hardest W.m4a 7.58 MB
Eternal Flame.m4a 7.57 MB
What If.m4a 7.56 MB
Close to You.m4a 7.55 MB
It_s My Life.m4a 7.54 MB
All Out of Love.m4a 7.54 MB
Mamma Mia.m4a 7.54 MB
Breathless.m4a 7.54 MB
Kingston Town.m4a 7.52 MB
Poker Face.m4a 7.52 MB
Alone.m4a 7.52 MB
Nothin' On You (feat. Bruno Mars).m4a 7.51 MB
White Flag.m4a 7.50 MB
Lucky.m4a 7.49 MB
Brother Louie.m4a 7.48 MB
Built to last.m4a 7.46 MB
Grenade.m4a 7.45 MB
7 Years And 50 Days (Radio Edit.m4a 7.44 MB
Barbie Girl.m4a 7.43 MB
Soledad.m4a 7.43 MB
Cry.m4a 7.42 MB
If That_s OK With You (Single Mix) - Shayne Ward.m4a 7.42 MB
The Show.m4a 7.41 MB
Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely.m4a 7.41 MB
Just The Way You Are.m4a 7.40 MB
The Day You Went Away.m4a 7.40 MB
All That I Need (7_ Edit).m4a 7.40 MB
May It Be.m4a 7.39 MB
Telephone_(feat._Beyoncé).m4a 7.38 MB
If I Let You Go (Radio Edit).m4a 7.38 MB
Jambalaya (On the Bayou).m4a 7.36 MB
Do You Know_ (The Ping Pong Song).m4a 7.36 MB
If I Die Young.m4a 7.35 MB
Too Little_ Too Late.m4a 7.33 MB
Rainy Days and Mondays.m4a 7.33 MB
Stay the Night.m4a 7.33 MB
Because of You.m4a 7.31 MB
Going Under.m4a 7.30 MB
Hummingbird Heartbeat.m4a 7.30 MB
Empire State of Mind, Pt. II.m4a 7.30 MB
Deeper Shade of Blue (Radio Edit).m4a 7.30 MB
Mama (Radio Version).m4a 7.30 MB
Sing.m4a 7.29 MB
God Is A Girl (Radio Edit).m4a 7.28 MB
Love Me for a Reason.m4a 7.27 MB
Baby.m4a 7.26 MB
My Love (Radio Edit).m4a 7.26 MB
Girlfriend.m4a 7.25 MB
Cru5h.m4a 7.24 MB
Beautiful Soul.m4a 7.23 MB
Baby One More Time.m4a 7.23 MB
What You Want.m4a 7.21 MB
For Your Entertainment.m4a 7.21 MB
In the End.m4a 7.21 MB
Shape of My Heart.m4a 7.19 MB
Home.m4a 7.18 MB
I'll Stand By You.m4a 7.17 MB
You're Beautiful.m4a 7.17 MB
If You Don't Know Me By Now.m4a 7.13 MB
Bailamos.m4a 7.12 MB
Crush.m4a 7.12 MB
Reflection.m4a 7.11 MB
Song from a Secret Garden.m4a 7.10 MB
Lithium.m4a 7.09 MB
Crawling.m4a 7.05 MB
All Rise (Radio Version).m4a 7.05 MB
Hips Don't Lie _ Bamboo.m4a 7.04 MB
Angeline.m4a 7.04 MB
Love Theme from 'The Godfather'.m4a 7.03 MB
What I've Done.m4a 7.03 MB
Beat the System.m4a 7.02 MB
Tearin' Up My Heart.m4a 7.02 MB
E.T..m4a 7.01 MB
Life for Rent.m4a 6.96 MB
Only Love.m4a 6.95 MB
How Deep Is Your Love.m4a 6.94 MB
More Than a Friend.m4a 6.92 MB
Because You Live.m4a 6.90 MB
Fields of Gold.m4a 6.89 MB
Puzzle of My Heart.m4a 6.87 MB
Starstrukk (feat. Katy Perry).m4a 6.87 MB
Trouble Is a Friend.m4a 6.86 MB
Words Are Not Enough.m4a 6.84 MB
Touch Me When We're Dancing.m4a 6.83 MB
Toxic.m4a 6.82 MB
Everybody's Fool.m4a 6.76 MB
Big Big World.m4a 6.74 MB
Paparazzi.m4a 6.73 MB
Bye Bye Bye.m4a 6.71 MB
I Want It That Way.m4a 6.68 MB
As Long As You Love Me.m4a 6.67 MB
It's the Way You Make Me Feel.m4a 6.66 MB
Sleeping Child.m4a 6.66 MB
Rescue Me (feat. Chiddy).m4a 6.65 MB
Breaking the Habit.m4a 6.63 MB
We Owned the Night.m4a 6.63 MB
Behind These Hazel Eyes.m4a 6.62 MB
Geronimo's Cadillac.m4a 6.58 MB
Over It.m4a 6.57 MB
Silent Night.m4a 6.57 MB
Accidentally In Love.m4a 6.56 MB
I Lay My Love On You (Remix).m4a 6.55 MB
The End of the World.m4a 6.53 MB
One Love.m4a 6.50 MB
Forever.m4a 6.50 MB
Pushing Me Away.m4a 6.49 MB
Nocturne.m4a 6.48 MB
It's Gonna Be Me.m4a 6.47 MB
Remedy.m4a 6.45 MB
How Can I Keep from Singing_.m4a 6.39 MB
We've Only Just Begun.m4a 6.39 MB
Top of the World.m4a 6.36 MB
A Little Love.m4a 6.30 MB
Stronger.m4a 6.29 MB
Numb.m4a 6.28 MB
Runaway.m4a 6.27 MB
Against All Odds (Take a Look At Me Now).m4a 6.24 MB
We Are the Champions.m4a 6.18 MB
Proud of You.m4a 6.17 MB
Last Thing On My Mind.m4a 6.10 MB
American Idiot.m4a 5.96 MB
Le Festin.m4a 5.87 MB
Uptown Girl (Radio Edit).m4a 5.85 MB
Moonlight Shadow (Radio Version.m4a 5.82 MB
Imagine.m4a 5.74 MB
A time for us.m4a 5.72 MB
Sealed With a Kiss.m4a 5.21 MB
We Will Rock You.m4a 4.31 MB


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300 ca khúc nhạc quốc tế hay nhất mọi thời đại - Theo bình chọn của ABC News Reviewed by Phùng Hữu Long on 23:02:00 Rating: 5 300 ca khúc nhạc quốc tế hay nhất mọi thời đại - Theo bình chọn của ABC News November Rain.m4a 16.89 MB We Are the World.m4a 13.76 ...